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My Approach

I lead change in the digital age. I am an analytical problem solver. I understand organisations as systems – people, processes, data and technology. It’s always in that order. I use data to see through complexity. What’s really going on here? I have a ‘just enough’ approach to the professional IT frameworks and disciplines – TOGAF, ITIL, Prince2, MSP, Agile etc. They have helped me so much over the years. But I’m just as happy when you can’t know the answer- when the only way forward is to experiment and take a risk.  Sometimes you have to let go of the practiced ways of doing things.

Who I Am

I am a visionary.  I have worked at the intersection between education and the world of technology since I first saw the huge potential of digital technologies to transform the way that people learn and find out about the world. The University of Warwick created a role for me to write their first ‘e-strategy’ and this challenged me to answer the fundamental question – what should a University look like in the digital age? I have since worked to refine and realise this vision through the three senior roles I have held in Universities.

I love having diversely talented people around me. I am a team builder. I make people want to be present and part of something important. I believe that people commit wholeheartedly to change once they can visualise the opportunities and benefits that such change will bring. I have always led successful change by enabling such visualisation through vivid and engaging story telling. Since it is always fear that halts progress I work hard to create a leadership context that makes it OK to express vulnerability and normal to make mistakes.  In that way I have created resilient, capable organisations.

Here is what I have learned along the way


My Journey.

I began my career in IBM, eventually leaving a senior role within its Software Business to join the University of Warwick in 2000. Having written and implemented an ‘e-strategy’ for Warwick, I went on to be a successful Director of IT at the University of Leicester in 2006. I joined the University of Nottingham as CIO in 2013. With the age of digitalisation upon us, there was no time for incremental change. I renewed the global IT team at a record pace and created an organisation of 370 which is now operating confidently across UK, China and Malaysia - innovative, agile and capable of blazing a trail for digitalised learning and research. I am now using my broad experience to help other leaders create exciting digital futures for themselves and their organisations – to be brave and get digital!

My Work

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