Organisations are more like organisms than machines

8th May 2018

I love the simple truth spoken in this short clip from Sacha Romanovitch. She points out that the prevailing metaphors that we use to think about organisations just don’t work anymore. Tune into the language of many leaders and you will still hear them talk about driving change as if they sat behind a steering...

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Deliberate diversity is the best cure for corporate blindness at Facebook

12th Apr 2018

Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook empire have been brought low by blindness.  He failed to see that by aggregating surveillance data from 2.2B people worldwide he had created a potential hazard for humanity. Powerful, malign and manipulative forces have been unleashed and we are suffering the consequences.  I argue that there is only one way to insure against this kind of catastrophic corporate blindness – a...

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Nine things you need to know about Generation Z

2nd Jan 2018

Thanks to students at Longfield Academy in Melton Mobray who helped us grapple with a vital question – “How does Generation Z use technology to engage in the world? How is this ‘normal’ shaping their assumptions about the digital experience they will have as students, citizens and employees?” Our Universities and others need to understand...

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Are our Universities digitalising fast enough for Generation-Z?

10th Nov 2017

It’s time to stand in the shoes of Generation-Z – those born around or after 2000. These young people were born into the digital age and have lived with technology as a deeply embedded part of life. These life experiences have already defined their ‘normal’. Naturally they assume that Universities will be ‘normal’ places. Whether we like it...

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The time is right for online degree programmes

13th Oct 2017

The time is right for online and blended degree programmes.  Universities should jump into this space to Crack the market for degree apprenticeships If I am a global corporation with several major sites across the UK, I have two problems to solve.  Firstly, I have an insatiable need to recruit the best and brightest graduates...

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