The time is right for online and blended degree programmes.  Universities should jump into this space to

Crack the market for degree apprenticeships

If I am a global corporation with several major sites across the UK, I have two problems to solve.  Firstly, I have an insatiable need to recruit the best and brightest graduates every year. Secondly, I have to drive maximum value from the Apprenticeship Levy that I now have to pay.  There must be a solution here!

I would seek an enlightened University partner to help create a degree apprenticeship that is tailored to my needs – a University with a brand name that attracts the best students, a reputation for excellence in all the disciplines that are relevant to my business AND which is conveniently placed to run a ‘day release’ programme from my graduate employing locations.

The University that best answers my call will have found a way of enabling online and flexible delivery of the ‘day release’ element.  It will no longer be thinking about a degree apprenticeship as an extension of the offering served up by the local FE college  It will also have left behind the snobbish assumption that such programmes are somehow second rate.  For some of our brightest students this could be the very best route to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Protect and grow international market

Now let’s imagine a world of increasing barriers to travel and labour migration. The demand for degree level education in English remains high but international students just can’t get here in the numbers that they once did – or can only do so on short term visas.

Again it will be the University that finds a way to blend online and campus based provision that will be the winner -particularly  those with significant campuses overseas that can be woven into the offer as the perfect location for an international summer school.