UK Universities need to look to new markets and plan for more flexible, online degrees and blended modes of delivery.

Pressure for change is mounting

  • There is a demographic decline in the 18–20-year-old UK population that is projected to last until 2021.   BREXIT is beginning to make the UK a less attractive destination for EU students.  Some of our wider international markets are not as buoyant as they used to be.
  • There are new competitive pressures and opportunities too.  Students may be less inclined to take on the debt associated with a traditional ‘boarding school degree’.  The new apprenticeship degrees will give them an alternative. Deregulation is making it just a little easier for alternative providers to enter the market.

What can the partners do for us?

They offer an accelerated route through which to launch new online programmes.  They claim to bring ‘whole life cycle’ capability for minimum upfront cost –  to assess the market, design the pedagogy, build and run the learning environments, market the programme, recruit the students, provide the student support services, run the assessment and examination processes.

What can we do for them?

They are missing one or more crucial component – the educational content, the inspirational teaching, the brand, the degree awarding powers. For this they seek enlightened University partners with the foresight, agility and commercial acumen to join them.

Who are the potential partners out there?

A couple of hours trawling the net reveals these names.  Feel free to help me crowd source the inevitable omissions!


Academic Partnerships


Online Education Services

Open University and Future Learn

Laureate Partners